Wells Fargo Loan Modification Information


Wells Fargo offers its customers who want to stay in their home, but are having a difficult time making their mortgage payments due to financial hardship. Wells Fargo’s Loan Modification Program assists its customers by modifying the terms on the loan making it more affordable for the homeowners experiencing significant hardship. There are a variety of different loan modification options available, contact Wells Fargo’s Mortgage Assistance Program in order to find the one that best suits your needs. 


Phone: 1-800-678-7986

To learn more about the process, click here: Wells Fargo Loan Modification Process

To check the submit documents and check the status of your loan modification, click here: Wells Fargo Portal

Wells Fargo Loan Modification Documents

The documentation required for your Loan Modification application to Wells Fargo includes: 

Note: More documentation may be required. When you talk to Wells Fargo, a preservation specialist will be appointed to advise you. 

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