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If you are seeing more red than black when you run your monthly budget, filing bankruptcy may be your best option. Qualified consumers can file Chapter 7 and erase most of their debt, or claim Chapter 13 and follow a payment plan that’s tailored to their needs and the needs of their creditors.

debt settlement

When the collection calls just won’t stop and unpaid bills are swarming your mailbox, we may be able to offer debt settlement solutions that can help you get your life back on track.

student loan debt

Are you drowning in student loan debt? We can help negotiate a settlement on your behalf and settle the debt for less than what you owe. 

short sale

If the volatile housing market has left you owing more than your home is worth, and you are ready to get out from under your mortgage by selling your property, it’s time to contact us.

loan modification

If you want to stay in your home but financial hardship has made your current loan terms impossible, we may be able to help you achieve lower monthly payments, principal reduction, and lower interest rates.

foreclosure defense

If the bank is trying to take your home, you may have legal options to stop foreclosure and save your property.

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