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Sandy Van was extremely professional and knowledgeable of the short sale process. Sandy and her staff always kept me informed of the progress of the short sale and made it very easy to get through it without dealing with the bank. Highly recommended!

John Conroy

Sandy Van helped us step by step through the short sale process. She was in constant contact with both of us and the bank. She is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the outcome of each family. We would highly recommend Sandy!

Kenzey & Justin

Sandy never stops working to find you the best solution, even if it is not in her best interest. Her goal is to find the best possible outcome for you regardless of her bottom line, and that is the ultimate customer service in my opinion – a truly lost art in our society today. Thank you, Sandy.

Ian Weight

Sandy and her team were outstanding. They represented me and my abilities to the fullest! She handled the harassing phone calls and stopped them, and was even on conference calls with me to the banks to ensure that my rights were represented. She even stopped the call after the conversation with the bank became too intrusive and threatening. I can’t thank her and her team enough. Sandy and her team are great! I don’t know where we would have been without her.


Sandy’s firm was professional and informative throughout my short sale process. Her team was patient with me and helped me navigate the process from out of state. If you are interested in pursuing a short sale or any legal matters pertaining to real estate, I would highly recommend Sandy’s team.

Tiffany J.

Sandy handled our short sale quickly and professionally. Other than signing paperwork we hardly had to do anything at all. She was able to answer any questions we had quickly and thoroughly. The house was listed and sold within a week and they didn’t even have to put a sign in the front yard! Dealing with Sandy was a low-stress experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell or short sell.

Tonia & Mike

Wow – That’s the best I can describe Sandy and her team!! I had a very difficult short sale that was complicated by divorce. It took almost a year to close the house because of legal issues and an uncooperative bank. Sandy and her team were remarkable, even with all the obstacles she never gave up. Not once did I feel alone in this process as Sandy and her team kept me informed at every step and my inquiries were always addressed immediately. I have bought and sold over 20 properties and have never received such personal and professional service, from help filling out the forms for the bank to finding someone to trim the trees and pull weeds.

Tammy Martin

Our house went up for a short sale back in March of 2012. We stayed current on our payments and were very impressed with how easy it was to work with Sandy and her team. She made this process so easy and smooth for us. She set really clear expectations at the beginning of the process as to what to expect. We had anticipated much more push-back from our lender, which did not happen. Sandy was always readily available through phone or email at any time of the week, day or night. She stays on top of things throughout the entire process and I appreciate her help and support in assisting us with our short sale. Our short sale closed on 9/01/2012. If you are looking for someone to assist you in any of your real estate needs, Sandy is the right person. She did a great job and I appreciate all her hard work.


Sandy and her team just pushed through my short sale. They informed and kept me updated every step of the way and responded quickly and professionally to any questions I had. While it was no picnic, they made this process stress-free. At no point was I worried that the short sale would not go through. I recommend Sandy and her team if you want to do a short sale or any real estate needs. Last but not least, the short sale saved me about $235K!

Daniel L.

Sandy Van is the most professional, attentive, and knowledgeable real estate attorney we have ever dealt with. She and her team operate with integrity and your best interest in mind. Without exception, our concerns and questions were answered immediately. Having our home be sold as a short sale was a frightening prospect. With Sandy in charge, we were never concerned or confused. She kept us updated about the process the entire way.


Sandy Van and her team have worked diligently with me in helping to short sell my house. This process is stressful for anyone, but Sandy assured me and helped me through the entire process. What I really liked about this firm is how easy I could contact anyone at any time. There are lots of questions and concerns that arise while short selling a home, and I always was able to get answers right away instead of leaving messages with receptionists. I felt I really got to know Sandy and that she cared about me and my situation. I did not feel like a number or just another customer, which to me was important.


We used Sandy Van for our short sale and I would highly suggest her to anyone looking to do the same. She treated our sale as if it were her own and paid extra attention to all the little details that some others may have missed including coordinating site inspections, paperwork, utility people – and had our water heater replaced so the house would pass final inspection. Our foreclosure sale date was just days away and Sandy worked around the clock to ensure that our property would not be foreclosed on. She also negotiated our out-of-pocket expenses to settle with our creditors and provided sound advice throughout the entire process. She went the extra mile to make sure this was done right.

K. Langdon

I would highly recommend Sandy Van. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and very informative regarding every step of the process. She returns all emails, phone calls, and any correspondence immediately. Her sole intention for her client is always what is in their best interest, which is reassuring and also rare in today’s market. She short sold my home while I was still current and also helped me get a waiver of deficiency on my first and second mortgage. Since I was current, I could purchase another home at a lower price than the current undervalued house that I was in.

Sophia S.

Sandy and her staff short sold my home and did an excellent job. Sandy and her staff are very knowledgeable about the entire process and the local market. They were very responsive and got back to me right away when I had a question. They worked very hard when it came to negotiating with the bank and I did not have to come up with any additional money. I highly recommend Sandy and her staff.


The short sale of our property was extremely complicated because we had to deal with the eviction of non-paying tenants, the repair of water damage and mold removal from the home, and buyers who were impatient with the short sale process. Each time a problem arose, Sandy responded with professionalism and frequent self-sacrifice of her time. Once when a buyer backed out at the last minute, she fought to get us the earnest money due to us, and she repeatedly encouraged us to continue the process despite its tediousness. We are thankful for this support, as the sale would not have gone through without Sandy!


It was a pleasure doing business with Sandy Van. If it weren’t for Sandy and her team, the only choice was a foreclosure. They informed and kept me updated every step of the way and responded quickly to any questions I had, which eased any stress I had going into this process and made me feel that my interests were well taken care of (important!!). I truly appreciate all of her countless hours, late-night emails, and constant communication. For such a daunting process, Sandy Van and her team helped navigate through this process with ease. We are grateful for all of their efforts.

Cooper C.

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